Nina Kennedy's "Practice What You Preach" is Here!


The sequel for Nina Kennedy's Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Practicing for Love: A Memoir, is finally on the shelves. Practice What You Preach continues the story of Nina's adventures in New York City, and her return to Europe where she resides in Vienna, Cologne, and Paris.

Early in the book, Nina receives news of her mother's death and must return to Nashville for the funeral. While cleaning out her parents' house, she unearths material for a documentary film which she spends the next six years producing. That film, Matthew Kennedy: One Man's Journey - on the life of her father who was a concert pianist and director of the world-renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers - becomes an award-winning hit at international film festivals.

While in the U.S., Nina becomes involved with an African diplomat who forces her to come to grips with new levels of sexism, homophobia, and anti-Americanism that permeate many African cultures. She learns to appreciate her national identity in a new light, in spite of the American racism that has victimized her family for generations.

Order your copy of Practice What You Preach here.

And you can order your copy of Practicing for Love: A Memoir here.

"Not only is Nina Kennedy a renowned classical pianist, but she now reveals her versatile talent as a marvelously engaging memoirist."

                   - Ann Allen Shockley, author of Loving Her


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