The Sounds of INFEMNITY's "It's World Pride" Fill the Air in Copenhagen

Brenda Alderman, April Gibson, & Nina Kennedy

It's hard to believe that the international club launch of "It's World Pride" happened more than two years ago at the Stonewall Inn, presented by DJ RiMiX. Produced for World Pride 2019 in New York, INFEMNITY Productions pulled together bassist/producer Brenda Alderman who composed the beats, April Gibson who composed the lyrics, and Nina Kennedy who executed the vocal performance (saying the word "Welcome" in ten languages!).

We are happy to announce that the World Pride Copenhagen Committee informed us that our dance single will be included in their August festivities. We wish we could be there to experience it, or perform it, even. Hopefully by the next World Pride celebration our planet will be COVID-free!

Enjoy this video of RiMiX introducing the international club launch of "It's World Pride" at Stonewall:

To hear the complete recording, click here.


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