TittyPix 4th Anniversary Celebration


The party was ON last night in Manhattan on Bond Street where the TittyPix 4th Anniversary Party took place, and the new 2023 calendar was launched. Founded by Fallon Smalberg, TittyPix was created as part of her "...idea to paint breasts for fun. When she showed the images to friends and posted them on Instagram, the responses contained a thread that echoed her own journey toward a positive body image. The business began after a discussion with a fellow artist and photographer about the potential power of offering individual paintings to other people with the intention of creating a space of empowerment, self-acceptance, breast diversity, and healing."

Fallon Smalberg (she/her) was raised in Los Angeles, and moved to NYC in 2014. She holds an M.S.W. from Fordham University and is currently a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology. She is passionate about body positivity, community-building, intersectional feminism, and gender inclusivity.

Fallon Smalberg

Fallon graciously answered some of my questions when I was able to pull her aside from the festivities:

"I started TittyPix in December of 2018, originally, honestly, as a way to make cash for my art. Breasts are such defining part of being a quote woman, or, you know, a person born in a female body, and society sexualizes us so much because of our breasts. I think the TittyPix tagline summarizes it really well: It's to help people reclaim the meaning, value, and beauty in our bodies. 

"I do mainly paint breasts. But I painted this pregnant woman three or four times. It represented her transition before, during, and after pregnancy. I've painted trans people before and after top surgery or before and after they started hormones to grow breasts. So it's really about helping people connect or reconnect with their bodies at every point in their lives.

"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, and obviously I work with a lot of breast cancer survivors before, during, and after various stages of treatment. And they really have to deal with and recon with 'What's my new relationship with my body now? How do I feel about myself? Do I feel attractive? Do I feel sexy? Do I feel comfortable? Do I feel safe? Do I trust my body?' Obviously you don't have to be a breast cancer survivor to feel that way. But it comes up in a really big defining way when you're a cancer survivor.

"People don't really know about breast health. We don't focus on it as a society, and I think that in general because we don't focus on women's health. We definitely need more education; for example, every first of the month on Instagram there's a campaign called 'Feel it on the first.' [It encourages you to do your own breast exam,] feel your breasts, make sure there's no lumps and everything like that. So it's lifesaving, simple stuff that people need to know about."

Last night there was a DJ and dancing, and guests were treated to a special performance by Anya of The Parkers

Order your 2023 TittyPix Calendar at tittypix.me.


Nina Kennedy is a concert pianist, orchestral conductor, and award-winning filmmaker. She holds a master’s degree from the Juilliard School. Her memoir, Practicing for Love, is a 2021 Lambda Literary Award Finalist. The sequel, Practice What You Preach, is available at infemnity.com/shop.


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